About Us
The Wizard Of Oz was started in 1996 by a Singaporean who had migrated to London in the 60's. He returned to this green beautiful island state that used to be his home & discovered that vast improvements to every aspect of life had taken place in his 30 odd years' absence. It was a shoppers' paradise but it lacked the variety & choice that reflected the many life styles that he was used to in London which he considered possessed the essentials of a cosmopolitan, exciting city life.

•Its aim was to provide value,quality,exciting cutting edge styles,colours, with mid priced European made fashion footwear,belts,bags & accessories for the complete look.

•It gradually expanded to 4 retail outlets in the shopping malls of Singapore.

•Due to an ever increase in rentals, we cannot maintain our aim of providing value to our customers & so all 4 retail units were closed.

• Now we retail from our ware house/ showroom & also on line from our web site to provide the best value & also the greatest styles & selections to our customers whom we have built up a substantial true & loyal following of locals & many international visitors from all over the glob.

Come & experience & share with our many satisfied customers the fun & joy of owning & wearing The Wizard Of Oz product.